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{UAH} Introduce Emergency Responsive system-Dr Kazibwe is crying out to the government

Listening to Specioza Kazibwe calling on the Museveni impotent government to consider emergency responsive system as a way to curb calamity is like beseeching and seething with hyenas  come and look after your goats and expect goats to multiply. It's like seething with sun to remain when actually you know darkness has come to settle! I was recently in a certain village where their transformer which is supposed to supply them with electricity broke down, UMEME technical support travelled 300km to pick up the transformer and take it for repair in Kampala! For 5 months now, the 30km area in radius has no illumination yet there are businesses that need power, hospitals that need power and etcetera. I moved on and found schools that are nothing more than a shed hurriedly thatched with grass and no walls- this is the price of education thirsty children have to pay whose parents have neither income nor hopes that their financial stand will one day resuscitate, they were all huddled together shivering in the dry conner and the lucky ones had something to cover their heads with while the unlucky ones were being hit mercilessly by heavy downpour.

It's actually horrendous that any sane Ugandan can expect anything good from this rapist government that has no mercy on our taxes and rights, the Museveni's have partitioned our country, his bootlicking caboodle ascended to the remnants and the country is at the mercy of God.

To expect anything done in this country is like to expect a 99yr old Mugabe to impregnate someone, or to expect rats in your house to cook for you food while sick and desperate for food!

Greetings from Kakwenza Rukirabashaija II

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