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We are walking into a weekend that is going to be an interesting one, it is going to be a long weekend for July 1st is Canada day. But we are also recognizing this time around that Canada is 150 years old. There are many functions that are going to take place nationwide.  If you are planning to travel, be kind to yourself and travel by Friday let alone Thursday, get off the road as soon as you can. In fact some cities are expecting to have so much activity that our company for the very first time in its very long history, is going to close offices in Ottawa Montreal Toronto and Vancouver. We need to sit at home and let this one pass. Normal working days start again on Tuesday. All banks nationwide are going to be closed Sunday and Monday. Do your banking at least Friday.


Lastly, the Beer store in Ontario is starting a pilot project in Toronto and Ottawa, to send you a beer at home on same day delivery. You must buy a minimum of 20 dollars on line, and then you need to pay another 9 dollars for shipping, and a beer shows up on your door the same day. They are going to watch how that project goes in both cities, if successful they are looking at making it go province wide. So if you are living in Toronto or Ottawa, check with your Local Beer store to know how you can order on line.


Embrace your selves for the 150th Canada birth-day.



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