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{UAH} Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s Property Cleaners Drag Him to High Court over Shs100m Accumulated Arrears

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi's Property Cleaners Drag Him to High Court over Shs100m Accumulated Arrears

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

MENGO, Kampala, Uganda: Cleaners engaged to work at Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi's official palace (Twekobe) have filed a lawsuit, demanding for close to Ugx100m in arrears.

They claim that besides cleaning Twekobe, they were also contracted to carry out the same instructions in respect of the administrative seat of the kingdom at Bulange Mengo as well as two of the kingdom's multimillion commercial complexes known as Muganzirwazza at Katwe and Masengere, housed inside Bulange.

Green Star Cleaning Services is the company suing Namulondo Investments, a company set up by the Kabaka to manage a number of real estate businesses on his behalf and on behalf of his kingdom. A city law firm, Ampaire, Tumwebaze and Company Advocates is the one filing the case on behalf of the cleaning firm.

A complaint lodged with the commercial section of the High Court indicates that the kingdom first engaged the above cleaners in 2013. It was a verbal contract which Buganda Land Board signed on behalf of the kingdom. The contract involved cleaning Muganzirwazza building only.

In 2015 when Namulondo Investments had taken over the role of managing Kabaka's real estate buildings from Buganda Land Board, the cleaners allege, they were added the responsibility of cleaning Masengere, Bulange and Butikkiro (Buganda's premier official residence.)

"The contract was made formal. It was signed by us but the employer did not. The employer kept playing tricks and never signed, saying it was not necessary. Nonetheless, the employer continued enjoying our services," the plaintiffs claim.

The plaintiffs point out that by March this 2017, the employer was in arrears amounting to Ugx168, 020,000. The Namulondo Investments subsequently cleared a total of Ugx85, 500,000, leaving a balance of UGX82, 520,000 which the cleaners are now demanding with damages of more than Shs12m, interest and costs of the lawsuit.

The matter has been allocated to Justice Billy Kainamura to hear and resolve while Namulondo Investments Limited have been allotted 15 days to give their side of the story in writing.

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