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{UAH} Kayihura Poisoned Rushed to India for Treatment

Kayihura Poisoned Rushed to India for Treatment


There is news reaching us that the Inspector General of Police has been rushed out of the country for treatment after being Poisoned. It should be remebered that according to reports,Kaweesi Killers had plotted to kill Kayihura but found Kaweesi an easier target.Read full report here

According to intricate sources in statehouse,a whistle blower informed the president that, having failed to kill Kayihura because of his heavy security, the assailants resorted to killing Kaweesi who appeared a soft target. He added that in fact Kaweesi was to be killed at the end of March but 17th March became the day after the assailants who had been trailing him saw an opportunity to strike.

The man told Museveni the assailants had a political motive which is mainly to make it risky for the NRM MPs to scrap age limits. He told Museveni that Justice Stephen Kavuma was another high profile person they intended to bump off and that the preparations and training was being conducted in South Africa in liaison with the group's internal cells based in Sebei region.


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