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{UAH} Kayihura’s condition worsens as Police Changes Statement

Kayihura's condition worsens as Police Changes Statement


The IGP Kayihura was supposed to return on Wednesday to Uganda,however he didn't show up.The police had informed journalists that the IGP was in Turkey on Official duty but and was supposed to return on Wednesday.

However Yesterday Police Spox Asan Kasingye changed his satement and said he was to return later this week.

Fresh Information reaching us is that the IGP's condition is only worsening and is under intensive care in an Indian Hospital.Reports also suggest that Police Intelligence Chiefs reported to Museveni that the IGP was building a power base to become Uganda's President.

The Police is trying to cover up this story,just a few days back they used the IGP signature on an official police document to fool journalists that he had signed it. We are waiting for the police to tell Ugandans the truth behind Kayihura's disappearance

Yesterday,Uganda's Ambassador to Turkey,H.E Kasujja informed Journalists that Kayihura was not in Turkey.

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