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{UAH} King Kaamurasi first Munyoro to meet Europeans in 1862. His grave at Ngangi, Bunyoro-Kitara

Abebitiinisa emyenda ya Bunyoro-Kitara

Egasani y.Omukama Kaamurasi ise Kabaleega eri omu kisaka, Ngangi, Buyanja county, Kibaale District, Bunyoro-kitara koingdom.

Oil has been discovered in Bunyoro-Ktarta and the first beneficiries are non-Banyoro who shared six billion. Banyoro who partiipated in the sharing are Kabagambe Kaliisa and Henry Muganwa Kajura.

Since this an important tourist site one billion should have been resereved for the develop,ment of this this tourisit site.

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