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{UAH} The Late Mukiibi told me he solely owned St. Lawrence schools’ Fr. Luzinda

'The Late Mukiibi told me he solely owned St. Lawrence schools' Fr. Luzinda

File Photo: President Museveni cuts the tape to symbolize St. Lawrence University official opening as Prof Mukiibi looks on.
File Photo: President Museveni cuts the tape to symbolize St. Lawrence University official opening as
the Late Prof Mukiibi looks on.
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The Rev. Fr. Joseph Luzindana, the Chaplain of Kampala Archdiocese has dismissed rumours making rounds that the Late Lawrence Mukiibi did not own St. Lawrence Schools and colleges.
There are allegations that the late was running the schools and Colleges on behalf of a high-profile Ugandan.
Speaking during a requiem Mass at London College of St Lawrence in Maya, Rev Fr Luzindana said: He [ Lawrence Mukiibi] told me all the property is his.

' 'I even saw him growing and expanding his businesses from Kabaka's Lake up to where he has reached with more than eight schools and a university-St Lawrence University.'' He said.
He added: If you people believe in rumours, you can also go to where you say he picked the money and they also give you.

Asked by Top Radio presenter to comment about allegations that St. Lawrence Schools and Colleges belong to a high-profile Uganda, the Presidential advisor on the Media said: Never refuse positive things except HIV positive results. Mirundi described the said rumours as '' Idle talk''

Who is Prof Lawrence Mukiibi.

Born in Masaka 71 years ago, Prof. Mukiibi deliberately became an educationist rather than being pushed by circumstances. This is because he was in Makerere School of education training to become a teacher by choice.
His first choice in Joint Admissions Board (JAB) forms (as an S6 student at St. Bernard Kiswera) was education. His second and 3rd choices were education as well. He wanted to become a teacher and that is all he applied for. And nothing else which is remarkable in a country where every child in the Uganda of his youth wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor or something like that.

"This shows the man had a vision right from a young age and knew wanted he wanted to be. He was a visionary like no other of his time," remarks Job Mwesigwa, the lead researcher for Visionary Awards project which recently recognized Mukiibi's distinguished contribution to education as a sector.
Prof Mukiibi was inspired by Bernard Kakinda, the owner of Kiswera SS in 1941 to become a school proprietor someday. After finishing his Bachelors degree at Makerere, Mukiibi was forced to exile in Kenya where he taught at Nakuru High School.
On return to Uganda in 1990s, he joined others to co-found St. Lawrence Citizen High School which began in March 1993.

By 1997, the pioneer school had grown so much in terms of enrollment; Mukiibi was compelled to open another campus. Savings from one school resulted into another campus being opened and as we talk, he has seven powerful academic institutions/secondary schools. They include Crown City Katende, Creamland Campus, Horizon Campus for girls only, London College, Paris Palais, The Academy & Zabeti Lawrence College (ZALACO) named after his mum.
He also owned a University (SLAU) which has over 3,000 students and the Nsangi-based LORENCIA which is a primary school. Mukiibi also won several awards recognizing him for inspiring others and for being able to succeed where many others have been trying and failing.

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