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{UAH} Macromania for Parliamentary sweep and landslide in France

President Macron who has already proved to be a popular world
leader and a great international figure just at only 39 is from today
Sunday 11, June 2017, going to be graced with a very historical
electoral victory when his party, La République En Marche (LREM)
together with its Christian Democrat ally, the MODEM, are just going
to sweep the board in the first round of the French Parliamentary election.
With fresh opinion polls putting their victory at more than 400 seats out of
the total 577 at stake. So far 7877 candidates are to contest this election.
And anyone who this Sunday gets 50% of the total votes cast in a constituency
and the constituency has had 25% of its total registered voters taking part in the
election, that candidate goes through. In constituencies where a second round
of ballotting will be necessary next Sunday (18/06/2017 ), only those candidates
who will have scored in the first round 12.5 % of the votes cast will be eligible to compete for the second round where the winner will just need a simple clear majority. Macron's party and its allies will have many candidates through this Sunday where exit poll results will
be reckoned to determine the future numbers in France's next  Parliament.
The need for change is the core factor behind Macron's steady climb as a leader
in whom many see very many new things. Some figures from overseas polls among
the French based in the Americas and Africa are already in. There, voting took place yesterday. From the Americas Macron has garnered a comfortable 51% of all votes cast and from Africa he has snatched a formidable 60%. This means he will practically sweep all the
eleven seats alloted to the French communities overseas!

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