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{UAH} Massacre in Appaa

Gwokto/ Laduma Nockrach/Ocaya Mike p'Ocure

Is this a photo-shop or fake news?. It is circulating on the internet, apparently claiming the grissly pictures below are those of Acholi folk killed in the recent wrangles in Appaa between the Acholi and Madi communities. I am still trying to find out what happened there. It seems not all is well there, I fear for  an even greater tragedy very soon.


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Museveni is a slow thinker and a relatively dumb man , but he has mastered one fact about 3rd world kerosene states like Uganda :
"the masses spend 99% of the life time talking and debating about "endongo" music , entertainment and sex"
With such a population that is psychologically vandalized , 
Tell them any lie , they will believe it ,
When museveni took power , he had one potential enemy , Northern region which had held power and had powerful remnants of the old Obote and Amin's security forces whom museveni had spent 6 years fighting and developed a psychological hate and trauma over Northern Ugandans ,
To dismantle these political muscles from the north ,
Museveni fabricated a notorious rebel group LRA fully secretly planned and funded by NRA state intelligence organs ,
The LRA raped and vandalized the entire Northern Ugandans ,
Now , we enter a new error when rebels are barbaric but terrorists are a common method of warfare ,
Museveni's state intelligence units now have migrated from Using state fabricated rebel groups last like LRA and Alice Lakwena to now deploying a new political disarmament technic called Massacre ,
The ordinary civilians in Buganda can not hold pangas and axes and run to slaughter the Banyoro ,
These acts of ruthlessnes and killings and done by trained state operatives who mascaraeded as Acholi and attacked the Madi slaughtering them to chopping them into body pieces all in the interest of weakening Northern Uganda politically by use of massacres to psychologically traumatize , punish and divert Northern Ugandans.

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