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{UAH} Militant Irish Republican group plan Scottish rally to recruit new supporters

Militant Irish Republican group plan Scottish rally to recruit new supporters

Their aim is to
 unite Northern Ireland with the south to create a 32-county socialist republic and they oppose the Good Friday Agreement.

Saoradh during a march in Derry last year (Photo: Facebook)

A hardline militant 
Republican group who want the Good Friday Agreement to be scrapped have planned a rally in Scotland in search of new supporters.

Saoradh – Irish for "liberation" – were formed last year and have already had their Belfast offices targeted in a police raid.

Now senior figures of the
 organisation – who have the
support of former IRA prisoners – have organised a seminar today at a Glasgow hotel.

The party's chairman David
 Jordan was accused of attempting to murder a police officer in a bomb attack in 2008 but had charges against him dropped last year.

Other key members include Mandy Duffy, whose brother-in-law Colin Duffy – allegedly a senior member of the New IRA – was cleared of shooting two soldiers as they left their barracks to collect a pizza in Northern Ireland in 2011.

Colin Duffy is accused of being a member of the new IRA (Photo: Press Eye Belfast)

He is due to stand trial with two other men on charges of belonging to an IRA grouping and attempting to murder members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland. He has denied the charges and is on bail.

Mandy is married to Paul Duffy, who faced IRA charges in 2015 before the case against him

The political group also have the backing of former inmates including Real IRA member Kevin Murphy, who helped launch them. Murphy was cleared of conspiring to murder police and soldiers and having a rocket launcher in 2002.

Saoradh have booked space at Glasgow's
Premier Inn in Argyle Street today.

Their aim is to
unite Northern Ireland with the south to create a 32-county socialist republic.

They are opposed to the Good Friday Agreement peace deal, which was struck in Northern Ireland between political parties in 1998.

A Saoradh spokesman said the meeting was in response to high levels of support from Scotland for the Republican cause and to give information on the new party.

He added: "Scotland has been a traditional area of solidarity in the struggle for Irish freedom.

"There has been a lot of
interest and a strong support
for Republican prisoners and
other Irish issues. A lot of people travel over for Easter Rising

"We are simply consolidating existing support in Scotland."

Police Scotland said: "We are aware of this meeting."

The Scottish Conservatives
said: "Many people will be nervous about a controversial group
travelling to Scotland to stoke up activity in this way."

Premier Inn said: "We never
 comment on individual bookings."

Earlier this month, Saoradh's HQ in Falls Road, Belfast, was raided by armed officers in relation to
dissident Republican activity.

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