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{UAH} Minister Namuganza calls Nantaba a prostitute

Minister Namuganza calls Nantaba a prostitute  

Minister Namuganza faces disciplinary committee for calling Nantaba a prostitute

A section of Members of Parliament have asked Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to reign in on the Minister of State for Lands Persis Namuganza over what they called public misconduct.

Fronted by Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa during the plenary session, the MPs reported that Namuganza had recently described her counterpart Aidah Nantaba, the state minister for Information and Communication Technology as a prostitute.

Before her current appointment, Nantaba, the Kayunga Woman MP, served as the state minister for lands.

The report to parliament comes in the face of an unexplained feud between the two junior ministers, often resulting into public attacks and open criticism.

According to Uganda Radio Network [URN], MP Okupa expressed disappointment over Namuganza's description of Nantaba.

Okupa informed parliament that the statements made by Namuganza while appearing on a local television talk show had a bearing on parliament's image and that of the nation.

Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa informed parliament that cabinet already took a decision on the matter of discipline or indiscipline citing a sub-committee chaired by the First deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali.

Nankabirwa, who noted that she was also part of the cabinet sub-committee, said that they are handling these matters which have a bearing on cabinet.

Source: URN

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