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Fellow countrymen and countrywomen, as a citizen of Kyaddondo for the
last 31 years, though the first five years at Kibuye in Makindye
Division where l was an RC II official for two terms, and 21 years in
Makindye Ssaabagabo Municipality where l stood for NRM parliamentary
party primaries, l am a stakeholder in Kyaddondo East constituency.
Party politics whether one party like UPC between 1969 and 1971, bi
party like DP and UPC in most of the sixties and early eighties, multi
party as it is the case since 2006, as at a test.
Sitenda Sebalu of NRM has more chances to win because he has his
religious voters estimated to be 10,000 strong and he is the only NRM
candidate in the race. He is articulating well local issues like a
district status for Kira, a municipality status for Kasangati, a
technical school, more UPE and USE schools, a hospital, more health
centers 3 and 4, small scale factories for informal sector, urban
farming, etc….
FDC'S Kantinti is also a power to reckon with because he fraudulently
defeated all of them in previous elections until his victory was
nullified by courts of law.
DP's candidate withdrew.
However, inside FDC camp, Muwanda Nkunnyingi believes that he was
cheated in NRM party primaries where the likes of Wafula Oguttu and
Paul Mwiru call him a JEEMA person. We had thought that JEEMA and FDC
were still in alliance. So Nkunyingi spoils Kantinti's votes.
Equally Stella Njuba thinks that she was cheated by Sitenda Sebalu in
NRM party primaries and although she has not stood, she has not moved
side by side with Sitenda Sebalu. Her mother Capt. Gertrude Njuba came
out openly in Sunday Vision and Sunday Bukedde saying that she was for
Bobi Wine.
Then comes Bobi Wine who played a hide and seek game between DP and FDC.
His chances would not have been many given the fact that he has been
importing hooligans from Kamwokya and other ghettos of Kampala, who
may not be voters, however due to intrigue and self stomachism, inside
camps of FDC and NRM, he may make it.
If he does so, that will mark the devise of party politics and the
rise and rise of individual merit under Movement or no party
democracy. Fortunately, a constitutional review is about to be
established. Why should we spend resources in meaningless party
primaries. We should stand as it was the case in 1989, 1994.1996,and
2001 and people choose whom they do want.
Power belongs to the people.

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