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{UAH} Museveni stops Tororo polls, sets deadline to end chaos


The perennially irksome agitation by my Itesot neighbors, to curve a district out of our mutual Tororo district, is back, and as usual, it's time for the president to pronounce himself on this dispute.

The high-level delegations that visited Museveni over the weekend, prove that the simmering discord between my Japs and the Itesot is generational and opportunistic at the same time. Even the dead is not spared for blame among the forces that have kept this demand alive and divisive.

I don't know what a solution would look like, but President Museveni would be well advised to keep Tororo Municipality as the headquarters for West Budama, and challenge the Teso side to establish their headquarters in Mukujju. After all, since they are willingly divorcing Jopadhola, my Itesot people should have decided where to plant their home office.


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