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{UAH} NOT AGAIN.... Man cons ten Ugandans of Shs 30m for jobs in Canada

Man cons ten Ugandans of Shs 30m for jobs in Canada




The quest for employment can be explained by Mr Yusuf Mukasa's cunning acts to extort Shs30m from ten youths promising to help them secure jobs in Canada.

Mr Mukasa who is currently detained at Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) swindled Shs2.3m from each of the youths as fees for Visa and travel tickets to Canada.

Mr Michael Ssozi, a victim, said Mr Mukasa persuaded them via his Face Book wall where he disguised as a registered dealer of abroad employment.

He said the suspect could send friend request and afterwards send explanations of his work place and available job opportunities in their inboxes.

"We reach to a point where we trusted him and we started meeting to organise our travel plans. He could explain to us the waiting job opportunities ranging from supermarket management and receptionists," Mr Ssozi said while making his statement at William street police.

Mr Mukasa reportedly had an office at one of the buildings at William Street in addition to his business social media accounts and duplicated certificates indicating he is an authenticated employment dealer.

Sula Katende, another victim said Mr Mukasa gave them Visas and travel permits from Turkish Airlines and assured them that they were to travel to Canada in the next few days.

Mr Katende and Ssozi said they became suspicious when Mr Mukasa's contacts went off a day to the schedule travel date. It was at that moment they decided to crosscheck with Turkish Airlines only to be told their travel schedule was not known.

"We kept calling his contacts but they were off. We decided to go to his office where we used to meet but we found new faces and they told us they did not know him," Mr Katende said.

Mr Mukasa also extorted Shs350,000 from the victims as fee for medical examination something that gave them hope they were about to fly to Canada.

Frustrated by Mr Mukasa's actions, the victims filed a case at William Street police post. They joined police in the hunt for the suspect who was arrested at one of the hotels in city center.

Mr Emilian Kayima, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, said he was still gathering details of the offence from William Street officer in charge (OC).

It is not only the youths who have fallen victim to employment fraudsters but politicians too. Last year police in Kampala arrested Franklyn Babibasa over extorting millions of shillings from MPs promising to help them to secure ministerial posts.

Mr Babibasa disguised as Brig Ronnie Balya, who was then the Director General for Internal Security Organisation (ISO), conned ministerial hopefuls of between Shs1m and Shs5m claiming that President Museveni had assigned him to make reports regarding their conducts, political status and work abilities.

In March 2016, police arrested a 58-year-old man who had been masquerading as a senior State House employee in the welfare department. The suspect obtained money from ministers and others members of the public in guise of helping them meet President Museveni.

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