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{UAH} Nubia is the twin sister of 'Wonder Woman' — and she is literally a black queen

Nubia is the twin sister of 'Wonder Woman' — and she is literally a black queen

Nubia is the twin sister of 'Wonder Woman' — and she is literally a black queen
Nubia and Wonder Woman
Source: Marcus Williams

With all the hype surrounding the extremely pro-black Black Panther movie coming out in February 2018, DC Comics might just be sitting on a gem in their battle against Marvel Studios.

Meet Nubia. Wonder Woman's twin sister.

Nubia is not the foil to Diana, Wonder Woman's true identity, but a true equal. According to the DC lore, she was created in 1973 out of the same clay used to make Diana, only her clay was black. She was formed by the goddess Aphrodite, and from there her backstory gets a bit wild. She is stolen at birth by Mars, the god of war, and was trained by him to become a master at hand-to-hand combat. In fact, when she was introduced in Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #204, she beat Diana in battle, and only stopped when she met her sister at sword point.

In the latest edition of the DC multiverse (which, as it sounds, refers to a version of the comics in which multiple universes exist at once), Nubia rules as the Wonder Woman of Earth-23. But her résumé is a bit more extensive. Aside from having superhuman everything, she once was the sole guardian of the River Styx, aka actual hell, and also ruled Floating Island, a community of all men. But no biggie because apparently Nubia is suggested to be in a position akin to Queen Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons and Wonder Woman. The non-comic book translation? Nubia is literally an otherworldly black queen.

With all of this #BlackGirlMagic, Black Twitter is already demanding Nubia appear on the big screen. Some users have already planned some of the casting and directing roles. One suggested Ava DuVernay direct while Serena Williams plays the lead

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