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{UAH} Ocen, Allan, Gook// Trump solicits praise from his cabinet


President Trump is turning his Cabinet into an exclusive club of sycophants. Like a budding cult leader, Trump is nibbling away at the self-confidence and other personal attributes of his cabinet secretaries.

But he's also taking advantage his milquetoast aides as extra job security.

Let explain: Even if the ongoing Russian probe turns up impeachable offenses, the GOP will save him, because they control the House (which impeaches) and the Senate (which convicts.)

But his cabinet, which is not elected, and won't face voters in 2018, would be the next source of authority to remove the president. Under Article 25 of the US Constitution, the Cabinet can declare the president unfit to serve due to evidence of mental impairment.There's a growing consensus, among mental health practitioners,that President Trump is mentally unstable.

Now, Trump has extracted a vote of confidence from his cabinet, thus weakening their reasons to remove him from office. 


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