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This is Ugandans At Heart, right?

I am soon outing myself from UAH because of just one reason. It just struck me like a bolt of lightening that this forum isn't and shouldn't even be called anything Ugandan.

UAH is an American and Brexit forum and that is NOT what I believe, Abbey, its founder expected it to be. It was about discussing and debating Uganda - any and every aspect of the country including its our,real life baboon cousins, monkey nephews, Monkey and gorilla unless, matooke and empura - nit forgetting nsenene.

In this misnomer, UAH rhat is, forumists discuss Trump more than Museveni,.Melania more than Janet, Jared more than Rwabogo, Donald Jnr more than Muhoozi and of course US Congress more than Uganda parliament.

To be brutally honest, one can tell that Museveni's regime is barely discussed  and if ever done, superficially and brushed away. Forumist adore and worship these counterparts more than themselves. In fact, if some UAHers even want to believe their emotional attachments to the counterparts have resulted in true blood bonds - as tho they know we exist.

There are a zillion issues to discuss on Uganda besides Museveni. Healthcare, economy, infrastructure, crime etc to mention a few. But over here or over there in UAH, Trump and the US are paramount

UAH was meant to change Uganda for the better but as we focus on the US, forumists must rethink whether US affairs and personalities matter to Ugandans at all or if discussing the US can change anything in Uganda.

Matter of fact, we only criticise Museveni but never discuss his policies and his rule. Meaning, our criticisms will never effect any change in Uganda. Talk about attempting to kill a snake with a long stick. Even worse, we criticise without giving options and solutions. All dry like a model.

And know what, some forumists religiously adore the US and that's the hilarious and funny side of UAH.

If one looked at today's posting, finding Museveni being criticized, let alone discussed is like searching for a needle in a haystack - or even better, like demembering a bulldog's balls. 

I would rather copy/[paste Uganda news to inform those who dont know how to find them online than copy/paste a Trump affairs - which I will begin to the surprise of all of you that i get every Uganda news posted online.

I like reading positions or opinions on religions/faith and religion/faith are the one thing UAH appears to be handling well. 

And why?

Its because religion impacts humanity globally but some here are fast at swearing by Muhammed or JC not knowing, at the minimum those prophets are the reason the world will continue to have wars without end, and not knowing the two were for slavery saying slaves should obey their masters. And did you know even in pre-bible and pre-quran years slaves tended to be darker and black people like all UAHers. Imagine you appeared in the streets of Jerusalem or mecca with your blackass, one can for sure tell dude is going to be a stymate with pigs. To take a religious discussion or criticism as a personal biz as tho they belong to individuals is the dumbest thing any UAH should take seriously. Let alone, those religions are known to be far foreign with tenets that are completely anti-African. UAh hasnt only lost meaning, It has lost purpose. And its UAHers who made these happen.

To be continued...... with suggestions to change UAH

Gwokto La'Kitgum
"Even a small dog can piss on a tall building" Jim Hightower

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