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The President of Tanzania says cows oppose homosexuality

Lube is also banned in Tanzania as it 'promotes gay sex'

The President of Tanzania says cows oppose homosexuality
This cow disapproves

Tanzania's president has said even cows oppose homosexuality.

John Magufuli, nicknamed 'the Bulldozer', has said he is willing to sacrifice foreign aid to combat LGBTI rights activism.

In Tanzania, a person accused of being gay can face up to 30 years in prison. Gay sex can lead to five years in jail and a fine.

'Those who teach such things do not like us, brothers. They brought us drugs and homosexual practices that even cows disapprove of,' Magufuli said, according to AFP.

The Tanzania president has said his administration will crack down on the LGBTI community, arresting those advocating for LGBTI rights and arresting men in gay clubs.

He will also subject those suspected to anal exams, a practice considered human rights groups to have no scientific value and to be torture.

The president shut down private health centers treating AIDS patients as they 'promote gay sex' earlier this year, and ordered gay men to turn themselves in to police.

Earlier this year, deputy health minister Hamisi Kigwangalla echoed the claim animals reject homosexuality.

Lube also banned in Tanzania as it 'encourages gay men to have sex'

'Have you ever come across a gay goat or bird?' he tweeted. 'Homosexuality is not biological. It is unnatural.'

Homosexual behavior is seen in thousands of species on the planet, including birds and goats.

Kigwangalla has also called for newspapers to publish the names of gays and lesbians. Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu has also banned the sale of lube, insisting it encourages gay men to have sex.


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