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{UAH} Pastor strangles wife.

By Kakwenza Rukirabashaija

A renown pastor of Bulanga Miracle centre Bulanga town in Luuka district has strangled his wife to death during a domestic scuffle.

Pastor Godfrey Kasadha, 45-Years as he's known by residents of Bulanga town took it to his hands and finished off his wife. It's alleged that after the odious crime, he took the might to Nakavule hospital in Iganga district and conspired with doctors for a forged postmoterm report.

There has been drama today evening at Bulanga town after the eye witness who's also pastors son accused his father of stranggling his mother Rose Kasadha while narrating the story to his maternal  uncles. "He crouched over mama and strungled her after she accused him of bringing different women into marital bedroom" said the 8 year boy who's name I've not got.

Police from bulanga failed to thwart the angry mob led by the deceased relatives that had started destroying pastor's house to burn him. Military from Magamaga were hurriedly called to the scene save the smouldering situation. The couple have been married with  five children.

It's said that the pastor despite the marriage vows he made to his wife many years ago, has been living a promiscuous life with scores of women around Bulanga town the act that angered his official wife and confronted him. Its during the scuffle that Rose Kasadha 42 lost her life.

The garroter has been taken to unknown destination while the deceased is still in Nakavule hospital mortuary in Iganga district as burial arrangements are underway. Police are investigating.

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