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{UAH} Philippines: explosions and gunshots heard at Manila entertainment resort

I looks like the Muslim terrorists have taken their murderous war to the Philippines capital Manila. They are trying to lift the current seige of Marawi City in the south in Mindanao where their fighters are surrounded by the Philippines military. and President Duterte has declared not a single terrorist will walk out alive, unless they surrender.  This is a a well known military tactic- to draw the attention of the Philippines army and security forces from the besieged city and perhaps allow their comrades their a bit of breathing space. 


Philippines: explosions and gunshots heard at Manila entertainment resort

Armed police deployed to the scene near city's airport as plumes of smoke reportedly poured out of a building

Guardian Breaking News Graphic illustration holding image gstock
 Photograph: Guardian Graphics for the Guardian

Explosions and gunshots have been heard at an entertainment resort in the Philippines capital Manila and armed police were deployed to the scene, local media reported.

Police and fire services could not immediately be reached for comment after pictures circulated on social media of the resort, close to the city's airport, of plumes of smoke pouring out of a building.

Resorts World Manila tweeted that the complex was in lockdown following reports of gunfire.

A source at one of the resorts told Reuters that employees were being evacuated and declined to give more details. He said police were in control of the situation.

More details soon …


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