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{UAH} Poverty in America Documentary 2017


If you think its an NRM's disease of stealing ,robbing looting and secret accounts, you are dead wrong. The pizant in Bugerere is probably better off because atleast there are no winters or stuff like that to worry about. Poverty in Yankeeland is simply mind blowing. I happen to have lived in the "village" near Compton....(Obama was still in school Mulindwa), It was like a war zone. Imagine just a few miles away from Hollywood. If you went places like Richmond, CA you would really wonder whether I was not dreaming. This Pizant lived way better in Rwamucucu Mparo ....only worries being how to kulembeka the next enturire. and making babies.
Haa with the greedy sharks now in full control, watch how insurance companies Pharmaceutical companies etc come out swinging,

*A positive mind is a courageous mind, without doubts and fears, using the experience and wisdom to give the best of him/herself.
 We must dare invent the future!
The only way of limiting the usurpation of power by
 individuals, the military or otherwise, is to put the people in charge  - Capt. Thomas. Sankara {RIP} '1949-1987

*"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent
revolution inevitable"**…  *J.F Kennedy


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