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{UAH} Prince Andrew: Duke of York clocked up nearly 100,000 air miles in 12 MONTHS

Prince Andrew: Duke of York clocked up nearly 100,000 air miles in 12 MONTHS

THE Duke of York has clocked up more air miles than any other royal in the past year, flying the equivalent of four times around the world, despite ending his role as a trade envoy six years ago.

Prince Andrew laughingGETTY

Prince Andrew has travelled more miles than any other royal

Prince Andrew has visited nine countries in the past 12 months, travelling nearly 100,000 miles, even though his role is focused on British entrepreneurs, education, science and technology. 

Since June last year he has made two trips to China and visited Malaysia, Mozambique, Botswana, Mexico, Turkey, the US, France and Singapore. 

He is due to clock up thousands more Air Miles in September when he visits Australia to launch his Pitch initiative, relating to the tech industry. 

Announcing the 25,000-mile round trip this month, he said: "I look forward to visiting all the locations where Pitch is to take place." 

It is thought he will go to New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Much of the Duke's foreign travel is to promote Pitch@Palace, described by the website as giving "entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet the people who can help make their business dreams a reality". 

Businesses are paired with potential supporters including CEOs Dragons' Den panellist Peter Jones and world wide web inventor Tim Berners Lee. 

The Queen with Prince AndrewGETTY

Prince Andrew represented the Queen on a number of foreign visits

The project was launched in the UK to help British entrepreneurs but last year it went "global", giving Andrew the opportunity to fly the world to attend launch events. 

Taxpayers will be surprised the Duke is still enjoying so many foreign jaunts

John O'Connell of TaxPayers' Alliance

The Pitch website states further global events will be held in the UAE and Mexico later in 2017. 

The Duke usually travels first or business class with his private secretary and bodyguard, Amanda Thirsk, with the cost met by the taxpayer. 

The Court Circular states his May trip to California included a two-day conference at the £400-a night Beverly Wilshere hotel in Beverly Hills, which was featured in the 1990 hit film Pretty Woman. 

An aeroplane flyingGETTY

The Duke of York has flown almost 100,000 miles in the past year

The Duke resigned his role as Britain's special representative for international trade and investment in 2011 amid criticism of his friendship with US tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed for sex offences. 

The role, which he held for 10 years, took him on expenses-paid global trips, earning him the nickname "Air Miles Andy". 

After he stepped down, aides said he would not undertake as much foreign travel to reduce his household's travel bill. 

The Royal Family's travel bill was £2.2million last year. It is impossible to say how much Andrew spent as only trips costing £10,000 are listed. 

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John O'Connell of TaxPayers' Alliance said: "Taxpayers will be surprised the Duke is still enjoying so many foreign jaunts at their expense." 

The Duke's spokesman said the trips to Malaysia, Mozambique, Botswana, Turkey and Singapore were funded by the Sovereign Grant but the China and Mexico trips were not as they were Pitch related. 

He said: "The Duke of York has travelled overseas on official FCO-sponsored visits in the past year, along with other Pitch events. 

"The official visits are undertaken at the request of the British Government. A number of these were to represent The Queen."


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