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I just watched 'Queen of Katwe' on one of the SKY movie channels today, and for 120 minutes I felt like I was back in Kampala. The movie is unquestionably "genuinely good", within the context it was written for, and outside of it. The Uganda music in it complimented the movie perfectly apart from the song that kicked off the film:' Wololo..... Nfunda nomubi nga azala nga alima nga ayanaliza nabagenyi....'.

It isn't that I don't like emotionless music but I didn't see how that song fit in the aims and objectives of the film. But overall, while the music is not produced for the movie it still is music for that movie. Movie music is created to enhance the experience of the movie, not to be heard on its own.Film music has functions outside of the film as well,most important of which is that it promotes the music industry of the country, and Uganda was represented very well in that film.The subjective part of music appreciation is, unfortunately, very strong, on my side. Means the connection to feelings, personal tastes and memories.

I like the way English is spoken there, in the Uganda contest, for example, when one of the kids tell their mother, 'i'm satisfied' meaning 'i'm full up', after eating some food. There is also constant use of Luganda words, like 'Muyambe'(help us) when one of the kids got an accident in Katwe. The most common way of dressing, 'Gomesi' was also not left out. There are a lot of reminders of when I was in primary school, and its brilliant. My kids couldn't stop asking questions about Uganda and all.

Its unfortunate that i'm not a fan of chess as I find it boring.Chess is a defensive game in which you are forced on the offense. I believe the film would have gone a notch higher if they had chosen football instead of chess, since the former is the most popular sport in Uganda, and probably the best entertainment for a lot of men in Africa.Well, I'd say this is an issue of motive and inspiration, and if you gonna inspire people, always pick the best.

However,many chess players are also geniuses in the syncretistic sense. There's a mate of mine whom we used to share a dormitory while at Kibuli S.S, and he was very good at chess. Oh God, I have forgotten his name, but I think it went like 'Balaba', and he was somehow related to Bidandi Ssali. He was very hairy the whole body,like he was born in winter countries, but he had a good soul, and I thought he was a genius.

There is something journalists and actors in Uganda should consider as well. They would probably make more money and name for themselves in both documentaries and advocacy films, as Micheal Moore has done in the USA, instead of just sticking to their goal posts at the Observer, The Daily Monitor and Newvision. After all, print media is dying a natural death. I have been reading Edris Kiggundu's 'rumors' series, and there are brilliant, and I'm thinking:' why is this guy always and only associated with the Observer?'. There is a lot of potential there, and he seems to be wasting it. He could do a documentary on Kasese massacre, parliamentary sex, Muslim sheikh murders, Statehouse intrigue, political poisoning and heart attacks, Kayunga riots, or something like that. We need more than a 'Queen of Katwe' on TVs in Europe and America!


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