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{UAH} Radical Islamist group al-Muhajiroun linked to half of British terror attacks in past 20 years

For Attention of Afuwa Kasule

Frank Mujabi/ Annet

Read this article printed at a time when we engaged in the most bitter public debate with this group called Al-Muhajiroun. This was after the Woolwich atrocity when the Nigerian Muslim converts Adebolajo and Adebowale beheaded soldier Lee Rigby near Woolwich barracks. The street on which Rigby was murdered is less than one hundred meters way from where I used to  live, and just opposite a park where my children used to play. This area is the most expensive and affluent area of in Woolwich- which is a generally deprived district of Greenwich where many Africans live. But our estate was exclusive and gated and was very safe as everyone assumed they were part of the miltary barracks- our flats were MoD properties that were sold off during the Thatcher years. The Isis choose to kill Rigby here in this particular place,  on our street,  to make a point- that they could strike  at the heart of the British establishment, in an area guarded round the clock by soldiers and cameras. Woolwich barracks, if you remember,  was one of the secret army barracks during the Second World War,which was very well guarded from Hitler's bombs. It also served as one of the safe zones of Churchill during the blitz of London by Hitler's airforce- unless you know Woolwich well, you cant tell that it is actually a military barracks.

The beheading of  Rigby became one of the most shocking events in the UK as a nation, especially as it was shown live on TV as Adebolajo stood over the dying  Rigby proclaiming himself as a soldier of Allah and calling on all British Muslims to rise up and fight for the Islamic Caliphate.  While people around run away in terror in fear of these Nigerian monsters, it was three women, the Angels of Woolwich, in remarkable acts bravery,  who picked up the courage to go and confront Adebolajo and Adebowale,  and to assist the dying Lee Rigby. Everyone else run away. The police armed response team arrived within 14 minutes, and Adebowale was tackled to the ground by a police woman as he shot at her with his pistol- fortunately his pistol jammed. The policewoman was later to say she knew when she jumped to tackle Adebowale, it would be her last jump in life, but was determined to capture  Adebolwale alive!!!

Since the killing of Lee Rigby, this group has remained moreorless intact. They are responsible for most of the terrorist acts that have occurred in the UK in the last 10 years. The police know them, but have been powerless to take drastic measures because of UK liberal traditions that allow even barbarians to enjoy freedoms bestowed by the rule of law such as ,presumption of innocence, right to fair trial etc.

Read the book WE LOVE DEATH AS YOU LOVE LIFE. This defines the ideology of Isis, and its fanatical groups like Al-Muhajiroun. AL started as a radical student organisation based in universities- thats how I got into contact with them and engaged in  brutal public debates with their leaders like Arjem Choudary. The first meeting I attended, was actually a meeting of the Black British Community to discuss the effect that Islamic terrorism was having on the struggles of black people in the UK. I put forward the view that Islam was becoming a serious obstacle to black advancement and was threatening to roll back the tremendous progress black people have made in the UK in the past 30 years. I said African people were new in the UK and their primary focus should be on  bettering themselves through education,further training  and enterprise, and so they can get careers or set up in business. I told the meeting Africans have nothing to do with Islam and want nothing to do with it. Islam is an Arab cause that has very little to do with black African empowerment in the UK.The anti-racist struggle in the UK has achieved a lot, but was in danger of being thrown into the gutter by the barbaric activities of Muslims which put ALL Black people in a bad light and also has the effect of isolating black people from mainstream progressive politics in the UK. In fact I went so far as to argue Islam should have  no role whatsover to play in the Black Struggle in the UK, since by it's very nature, it is oppressive and enslaves women. Arjem Choudry and his group disagreed, calling me a "white man's slave". Their group was soon disbanded and many of them left the UK to fight in Syria and Iraq, but an active cell still remained in the UK, as was proved by the atrocity they carried out on London Bridge.

The UK security services have been using two strategies of containing this group: 

1. To Plant Deep Penetration Agents (DPAs) inside their organisation. But DPAs have to be influential, otherwise any information they gather is likely to be of little value. Besides, Isis have decentralised their activities and now operates in small or even  single cells in a non-heirachical  manner. This makes it very difficult to get to the heart of their operations, especially as they are now  reliant almost entirely on low-tech  terrorism because their ability to acquire high tech capacity is seriously reduced- they cant get AK47s for e.g (Read the article below)

National Security and Counterterrorism
Low-Tech Terrorism. Changing Patterns of Global Conflict & Response. Corri Zoli, Ph.D. Director of Research/Assistant Research Professor. Institute for National .

2. Monitoring them closely in the hope that they can allow the security service to build a good picture of their local as well as international network. Often, this means allowing them to operate and even to commit crimes- permitting them some "successes" allows the security service to enter deeper into their network and therefore build a more accurate picture of who these people are realy are- what motivates them-

But unfortunately, this has not been very successful as these radicalised individuals have been able to action some of their plans, to devastating effect as we have seen recently.. On the positive side, the security service say, they have foiled over 2000 terror plots in the last 5 years, and only a few have been able to slip through their fingers. This may well be true, but the ordinary man on the street does not want to hear that even a single terrorist has slipped through.  or that a single plan has been actioned.


Radical Islamist group al-Muhajiroun linked to half of British terror attacks in past 20 years

Al-Muhajiroun has been linked to around half of terror attacks planned or carried out at home and abroad

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