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Africa and its politicians is a continent of miracles

Check and find out how many Africa governments have their departments
or ministries or their government on line- you will feel really sad.

Or just simply write a note to some Africa Local government, ministry
or University institution and send the same to Europe and monitor
response time.

How do you develop and how to do you create employment?

Some years when the internet has just started, I almost got obsessed
with what the internet could do. In fact very little could be done.
But for me I wanted the technology to be planted in Uganda as soon as
it could be possible.

Dr. Johnsson Nkuuhe, Kigundu Mukasa, Chares Musisi and Edward
Baliddawa and others did wonderful job.

I did a survey and found out that in Africa there were only three
countries that had a semblance of internet. That was South Africa,
Algeria and Uganda – that was in terms of government on-line which my
friend Baliddawa had effectively put on what we used to call Uganda
home pages.

In terms of media – it is only Uganda (daily monitor) and South Africa
(mai & gaurdian) that could send news using pdf files.

It was quite surprising but the techniques were still very raw.

When I check in Europe during that time very few countries had their
government on-line. But they had an internal network they used to
communicate with! What I noted was EU commission that had put up a
very awkward website then.

Uganda home pages was far better thought it had no adequate data.

Years later everywhere in Europe they had established the internet and
electronic media in virtually all sections of society.

Kaunda was invited for a summit instead of sticking to the topic of
Africa growth using his successes or failures he instead breaks into a
torrent of abuses of Europeans, who by the way left Zambia 50 years
ago , which country Kaunda ruled for decades with dismal success.

The audience made of majority Africans shouted him down – until he was
escorted from the podium.

Zuma had suggested that Nalubal be called Nalubale since Lake Victoria
is very colonial.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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