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{UAH} Republicans may move in the Comey Kavuyo to repeal ACA

Allan Barigye


With all due respect sir, there is no Comey Kavuyo, let alone  testimony today. The man became very stupid yesterday and he opened his mouth. Think as an intelligent man, yesterday by 11 am the markets lagged, do you know why? Because through CNN silliness everyone expected Comey's testimony to drop the shoe. The idiot  for that is exactly what he is, released a 70 page statement, so that the senators review it. Guess who else reviewed it? The markets.  By 2 30 pm, all markets across the board even in Europe yanked themselves back up. By the end of the day even American oil sales that has plummeted went sky high than ever before.

That is very dangerous to Comey and to The Democrats, for it means that today everyone is going to go back to his work, and let Comey and The Democrats, become the world spectacle. He has absolutely nothing to say, but he has opened up himself and one of those days some smart kid is going to go after him and arrest him.  It baffles me how fools fail to realize that there is a limit on opening up a mouth,  had this man got fired and keep his mouth shut he would have been employed by a good company out there, tell me who will ever hire him today. Democrats or Republicans, he is screwed. So I  am going to get my good sleep I am not even going to bother listening for he has nothing to say, he is mouthy soon he is going to tell us how many times the president blinked.


Today's hearing is going to be a total waste of time as yesterday's hearing where men society  thought were intelligent, created a movie on how they are very stupid. And the whole world watched for free.



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With everyone focused on Comey's testimony, Demos need to stay focused on health care, team. They  can't be complacent, not even for a minute.

Mitch McConnell saw how well Paul Ryan's approach worked in the House -- first you wait for the press to be distracted, then you waive rules, and force a vote in less than 36 hours.


According to POLITICO, Mitch McConnell told his fellow Senate Republicans that "failure is not an option" when it comes to passing a repeal bill.

Senate Republicans seem to be getting the message -- after just one meeting yesterday, key Republican senators went from skeptical about the bill's progress to enthusiastic about passage.

As soon as McConnell has the votes, he'll move as quickly as possible to ram through repeal before we can object.

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