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{UAH} RUMOUR HAS IT...When Njuba denied Amama Mbabazi lunch


Until he fell out with President Museveni in 2015, Amama Mbabazi was one of the most feared politicians in Uganda.
He had the president's ear, occupied a number of key positions in government and in fact some people say at one time he was the defacto president.
Yet long before he acquired this influence, Mbabazi, like many of us, had his struggles in life.
Here is a rumour about his time in Nairobi during the NRA bush war, when life almost became unbearable.

At the start of the NRA bush war in 1981, a group of Ugandans fled Kampala to Nairobi, giving birth to what was known as the NRA external wing.
The prominent ones were: Amama Mbabazi, Sam Kalega Njuba, Balaki Kirya and Prof Bwogi Kanyerezi.
These were supposed to fundraise money for the rebels and to drum up publicity for the war.
At first, life is Nairobi was very challenging. Kenyan spies and security officials started a manhunt for Ugandans and many went underground.
Without jobs that would guarantee them a steady flow of income, surviving in Nairobi became a nightmare.
Some Ugandans survived on handouts from friends and others registered as refugees in order to access relief food. A few of them still had some little money and lived fairly decent lives. One of them was Sam Njuba, who had been a prominent lawyer in Uganda.
Initially, one of the people who struggled to make ends meet in Nairobi was Amama Mbabazi.
Mbu, Mbabazi and wife, Jacqueline, used to survive on tea and bread.
With life becoming unbearable, the couple devised a smart plan. They decided that they would pay regular visits to Njuba at lunchtime since he was better off.
So at 1.00 pm sharp, they would show up at Njuba's apartment in Nairobi.
"Mzee [Njuba], our boys are doing well. The news from the frontline is encouraging and very soon victory will be ours," mbu that is how Mbabazi, flanked by Jacqueline, would kick start the conversation.
Later, lunch would be served and shortly after eating, Mbabazi and wife would excuse themselves to attend to some urgent business.
Njuba did not have problems entertaining the couple.
First he had taught Mbabazi at Makerere's faculty of law and the two were friends.
But the regularity (they would call on him at least four days) and the timing of their visits raised questions.
Njuba, who was running out of money, smelt a rat and decided to reschedule lunch to confirm or dismiss his suspicions.
Mbu, Njuba instructed his domestic worker to delay serving lunch by two hours whenever the couple visits.
One day the couple visited. Mbabazi as usual started off by updating Njuba on the progress of the war.
He went on and on about how NRM is going to make "Uganda great again."
Mbu, having run out of stories and saliva, Mbabazi started yawning.
Then he started casting anxious glances towards the kitchen area. There was no sign that lunch was on the way.
Mbu, he started looking at some of the framed photographs in Njuba's living room. Then he looked at the ceiling.
He then sat down next to Jacqueline who all along was quiet.
After a moment of silence, he stood up, held Jacqueline's hand and bid Njuba farewell in a tone that suggested that he was not happy.
An hour later, lunch was served and Njuba confirmed his suspicion.
But life later improved for Mbabazi and before long he was flush with money. He acquired expensive tastes and food (including sausages) became plenty in his home.

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