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{UAH} Ruparelia to construct a New Dubai Mall in the heart of Kampala

When Uganda's richest man Sudhir Ruparelia lost Crane Bank to Bank of Uganda and later sold to DFCU Bank, many people thought that the city tycoon had lost it all.

But surprisingly, every now and then, Sudhir continues to disapprove haters that he is still Uganda's number one tycoon and he is not willing to lose the position.

Recently he opened up East Africa's most luxurious Speke Apartments, City Gym and now he is set to construct a new Dubai Mall in the heart of Kampala at former Shimoni demonstration school land.

According to EyeWitness24, Rupareria Group of companies with partnership from Abland Africa,Mara,Retail Africa Architucture Boogertman partners are going to give Kampala a whole new look.

The facility will have a luxury hotel with conference facilities and events space, as well as a 16,500sqm Gross let-able office tower.

The development will also have a shopping center with an external piazza, entertainment facilities, 30,000sqm residential apartments and 2,400 parking bays.

It will house new art of Gyms, playing coats for Basketball, Tennis, skating, darts, casinos and kids entertaining centers. It will be furnished fully with air condition.

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