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Using a NRA Bandit solider below, Rwandan Outlaw Kayibanda Museveni has now taken over direct control of the ineffective Lango Cultural institution. He is now the boss, using his surrogates like the idiot below.  But Colonel Ochora does not realise he has just signed his own death sentence. Lifting his hands up to God with not save him. And he knows it.


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Colonel Lawrence Johnson Ochola's proclamation during the signing of peace talks between Dr. Richard Nam and Beny Ochan

Col. Ochola: Am seeing Olet and Odur are not here. Do you know why they are not here, because they are useless here. Those important are you who are here. 
With effect from now, Yosam Odur will be given 14 days to form an all-inclusive cabinet. 
Position of leadership is taken away from Ochan and Nam. 
With effect from now, Langi will have one leader known as Yosam Odur Ebii. 
Another meeting of council of Owitong will be call to discuss interim period. My proposal is a negotiated two years interim period after the two years interim period, council of owitong will sit to elect a new won nyaci 
With effect from now Olet Charles maintain his position as the clan head of his clan.
With effect from now in the name of the government of the republic of Uganda, Olet Charles will not be allowed to appear in public functions using the title of Won Nyaci. If he does, he will be charged with offence of impersonation with effect from today.
In the name of the government of republic of Uganda, with effect from now Lango Cultural institution will not exist until such a time that the interim period elapses and the interim period will be decided in the council of Owitong. This is a peace talks I don't have the power to decide the interim period
In the presence of the observers and all members invited here, God appreciate what we are saying here

Is this a negotiated peace settlement aimed at bringing peace in Lango? watch this space

George Okello
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