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{UAH} Shock as IGP Gen Kale Kayihura is believed to be Working for Rwanda.

Shock as IGP Gen Kale Kayihura is believed to be Working for Rwanda.

Kayihura the double agent!!!!

Yesterday I posted a letter to the president of Uganda from a former Police officer and intelligence officer leaving under fear, Kayihura intelligence thinks I get intelligence information from him, obviously this is a lie, my sources remain confidential and protected.

Today I have a report that was placed of Gen Museveni's table that actually not only proves that theory but confirms that Gen Kayihura has ambition of becoming Uganda's president.

The Rwanda Connection

The General's parents were Rwandese refugees in Uganda that neutralised into citizens of Uganda like many others, I will not mention them in this article but may be for better reference I will also mention Gen Paul Kagame the current Rwandan president who I will prefer to call "Senior General" in this Article.

Gen Kayihura appointed his first son as his advisor, this can not be taken lightly, intelligence has tracked down his first son with a view of establishing a connection between Kagame and Rwanda, oh Yes they got a link the man/boy does travel and communicate with Rwanda's high intelligence on daily basis which has raised concerns.

Who is Kayihura helping Rwanda?

Uganda's economic problems, a country like Uganda bases its development of the political environment, security and general desire to invest. Rwanda is believed to have funded insecurity in the region to allow growth of its tourism industry and its on investment. In Uganda Moslems have been killed on streets in seemingly the same way as high profile people, investigation show IGP's involvement in these assassinations suspects like Mujurizi, Nixon Minana have been traced back to Kayihura, this has negatively affected the economy as its a habit of investors to speculate. Recently there was a wave of insecurity in the central region (greater Masaka), arrests made indicated that the criminals had been recruited by police again another Kayihura involvement. The death of businessmen in Kampala the number looks small and isolated but intelligence has argued that 10 billionaires dying is not good for the economy.

Crane Bank's downfall, the bank had been strong despite of the mismanagement but since the opening of the Rwandan wing it allowed The Senior General to put conditions on the Rwandan side that couldn't enable The Owner return his investment capital to bail himself out in Uganda as required by BOU, although this was not planned it worked to their advantage to fail the economy hence lowering its capacity to attract investment.

What is Kagame's interest in all this?

The Senior general as I will refer to him is a smart gentleman, he wants his country to grow faster than its growing now, this can only happen if Rwanda is seen as that best investment destination, he has hired international advertising agencies to do the work but on ground the comparison to Uganda must look real. The Senior general wants to have Kigali as the Brussels of East Africa, honestly speaking he has succeeded with the help of his Partner Kayihura in Kampala, personally if I hit a jackpot now, I would rather invest in Rwanda now than in Uganda for I have seen a rich man in Forbes List go down in week, this is not good publicity for investment, for I have seen rich men like Wamala being slaughtered in cold blood and property distributed between police officers, for I have seen a rich billionaire like Kasiwukila being killed by elements including a police officer.

General Kayihura to become proxy president of Uganda, this initially sounded like a joke to Museveni and political observers like me but further investigations have proved us wrong, the Senior General has positioned Kayihura to take over in case of any eventuality, you know what I mean?

What would be Kayihura's interest in Killing Moslem Leaders?

This has been a question by many who believe he is working under orders from Museveni. Until recently I thought so, on the contrary Museveni has bought off more opponents than executing them, these Moslems who gave up the fight are no Longer threat to Museveni anymore they were never in the first place, these are people whose cause can be accommodated and Uganda has been doing something in fact some of them were recruited into the army and intelligence (ISO).
Killing Moslems only annoys more to restart a rebellion in Uganda, for any news of a rebellion Rwanda benefits because it will take the investment opportunities, The Senior General has given investors protection of their money and property, he has given then a heaven on earth which Uganda is not providing for even the smallest local investor.

To be continued

Ugandans wake up today

Seruga Titus

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