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{UAH} Ssekabaka Mwanga: A True Liberator

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Ssekabaka Mwanga: A True Liberator. I am a Muganda today because you defended my entitlement to my identity.

As they celebrate their lie, we remember a man of honour, pride and courage. You fought with fierce determination to save your people and your nation from the British savage; we hold you in the highest esteem today, and always.

Your judgement about the destruction of the European on your people could not have been more accurate. Today, it is all around us. The evidence of the enemy's work is overwhelmingly obvious for any one who wants to understand the cause of Buganda's troubles.

Baganda are because you paid with your life, thus it is our duty to show gratitude by fighting for your correct legacy. We will persevere to speak truth to one of the greatest lies ever told about you by your enemy then, our enemy today. Like you, we shall never give up until justice is achieved.

Ssekabaka Mwanga, we know you as one of the pioneers of African liberation.

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