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{UAH} Tamale Mirundi’s nemesis Maj. Nakalema ejected out of State house

One of the women whom Tamale Mirundi has been constantly blaming for his dismissal from State house Maj. Edith Nakalema has been finally ejected out of the State house. Tamale Mirundi has on several occassions attacked Nakalema as one of the person behind his misery and swore not to rest until he has revenged on her.

Tamale has while appearing on various FM radios and TV stations threatened to unleash  his "jjuuju" on Maj.  Nakalema and Brigadier Nalweyiso to cause them equal misery. A mere mention of Nakalema's name makes Tamale hysterical as he gnashes teeth in anger.

Presidential press secretary Don Wanyama confirmed Major Edith Nakalema is leaving State house for a senior command course which he thinks its critical for her military career and has nothing to do with tension at state house. However people conversant with Mr. Museveni's methods of work, contend that, this is a dismissal and the training comes only as a consolation to a woman who has served the President amidst controversies.

In the past few years increased cases of intrigue with in state house have been reported which saw also former presidential assistant on information and presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi now serving as senior president advisor on media relieved of his duties.

Nakalema has been sent to a london-based Shrivenham defence academy and she is told the press that "its true i have been sent to London to improve on my military career and i really appreciate it".


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