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{UAH} Tanzanian President Stops Convoy To Chat To A Disabled Citizen.

Can Anyone Imagine Rwandan Outlaw Kayibanda Two Buttocks Museveni Taking Time To Chat To A Disabled Person Like Former President Kikwete is Doing Here? First of All, Kikwete Is A Simple Person, With  Good Up-Bringing,  Who Never Allowed The Office Of President To Turn Him Into An Ogre. The Rwandan Outlaw kayibanda, A Former Cattle Herdsman Who Never Knew His Biological Father,  Is A Thoroughly Uncouth Individual ; An Unreformed And Uncivilised Thug  Despite Great Wealth,  Kayibanda  Is Reputed To Be Colder Than A Fish. The pot-Bellied Barbarian Is A Ruthless Cut-Throat Who Is Completely Heartless. He Is Also A Coward Who Can Never Travel Anywhere In Public On His Own For Fear Of Snipers Or Attempts By Any Number Of His Victims To Have A Go At Him. Kikwete Is A Decent Human Being Who  peacefully Handed Over Power To His Successor And Retired To Grow Maize In His Ancestral Village; Kayibanda On The Other Hand Is Scum, Worse Than Raw Sewage,  Who Will Never Retire To His Ancestral Village In Butare Town, Rwanda, Except Only In A Casket., That Is If We Allow Him That Luxury, Which I Doubt Because Most Ugandans Would Prefer His Corpse Is Tossed Into A Pit Latrine.

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Hillary V Tinkamanyire

President of Tanzania who stopped his presidencial convoy to talk to this physically challenged man, can such happen in uganda😆😆😆🆒

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