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Until the guns turned around like uncontrollable and indiscriminating rebellious knock-out hoses from fire trucks, none-Acholi/Langi crowds loved to gather to see spectacles of Amin's victims being murdered in broad daylight like the KKK below. Of course, in some corners of Uganda spectators would be coerced to witness such (in)justices.

Within no time had Amin run out of the Acholi/Langi who-is-who than the firing squads turned to the spectators themselves being fed live to insatiable Nile's crocs to be brutally ripped apart for snack or Nakasero where victims died very slow painful deaths and of course, use of rudimentarily staged motor accidents.

Then suddenly we were awakened by Amin Killed My Father And My Uncle and that wasn't from Acholi/Langi but a onetime possibly ululating and cheering spectator.

Seriously, the human animal is damn very funny. Look not far  yonder across the Atlantic or Pacific to the US. Either way will bring you to the grounds you are standing on. "Crowd Funding" as spectators was voluntarily abundant in the days. This doesn't mean they don't happen these days. Believe me, steal a chicken or goat and you will witness the ruthless instincts of Uganda's "Crowd Funding" aka Mob Justice..

Ento, Acholi pe tum.


Gwokto La'Kitgum
"Even a small dog can piss on a tall building" Jim Hightower

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