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{UAH} Toilet at Kamuli UMEA primary School!

Good day everyone! Hope everyone's life is going swimmingly. I just wish to introduce everyone to a persistant problem of a toilet at Kamuli UMEA Primary Sch, in Kayunga district. We need about shs.4 millions to do a toilet for this school. The sponsor we had got seems to have got obstacles,I guess, thus, failing to help us on this, but the school is so desperate. They already dug a pit long time ago, as indicated in the attached picture, but there's no money for construction. The pit itself has become a health hazard to the pupils,but we need it. So, the speed of this will depend on you,brothers and sisters. In the spirit of Ugandan at heart we hope that a lot of you contribute to this and we give a toilet to the pupils at Kamuli UMEA primary School.Let us remind the world that helping those in need is part of being a Ugandan. There's room for us all, except monsters, greedy people and bigots. We need humans Only.A big thank you to all those just even thinking about this deeply.Anybody else, please send the money to Ms.Rashidah Mukwanga ;MOBILE MONEY:TELL:00256-757521376, Kampala, Uganda. Every cent helps please !
 #humansonly #withKamuliUMEA #UgandaMuslims

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba 

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