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{UAH} Uganda is faced with a Serious Problem

The fact is that many small businesses are being knocked out one by
one. In villages just 30 kilometers outside Kampala – poverty is
stinking. The government has no idea as to how to solve the problem.
Basically in every municipal centre there is rowth of slums.

Unprecedented and misguided donation of money to politicians, youth ,
social groups has not solved the problem but exacerbate it through
grounding a stealing behaviorism - Africa hidden anthropologies.

Comparable to what happened between 1968 -1970, death of people by
premediated murdered in this period has scored all time high records.
The country is sick with its entire establishment.

It is high time NRM realized it can't govern the country alone without
viable opposition and ideology. NRM can't be all knowing God!

This is the time NRM started making sure that UPC and DP get their
acts together with irreplaceable people the likes of Okeny Tiberio
Atwom, Prof. Y. Kyesimira, Edward Kakonge, Nkambo Mugerwa etc, people
with purpose and reason for politics, otherwise the country is being
run down the drainage.

The books that have written negatively about Uganda political history
are about to be proved foolish and unrealistic.

Listen to discussions of Uganda current politics on KFM, Radio One, or
the so called capital gang and the scourge is roundly explained.



Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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