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{UAH} Undercover camera exposes the hate taught to Musliim Children

Frank Mujabi,

Just listen to this video secretly recorded in a Birmingham muslim school. It just shows you why Muslims can never integrate in UK society because children are taught from an early age to hate UK life and society, and in fact to consider themselves as separate. Michael Gove closed down most of these muslim schools when he was education minister, you remember when there was the huge uproar about infliltration and trojan horse etc. But it is very disturbing_ this is one of the difficult conversations Theresa May will have to conduct if she wins the next elections: Should we close down all muslim schools or tightly control what they teach children?


This is Britain, but it could be Canada or India or Down Under. The same story everywhere, yet White guilt prostrates itself to Mauslim Manipulation.

Undercover camera exposes the hate taught to Muslim children. A must see! Islam is a belief or hate and nothing else. It is also a belief with followers who ...

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