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{UAH} 📻 'We are teaching people to sew their own sanitary towels'

Can Ugandan Women's NGOs sew pads for girls, now that Two Buttocks And His Owl-Eyed Wife kataha Have decided They Would rather Put The money It Would Cost In Their Off Shore bacnk Account In Bermuda?


By the way Henry Ford Mirima, when I grew up and studied at boarding schools in Uganda, I never haeard this issue of sanitary pads, even though I was in mixed schools all my life. How did girls my generation and more so yours manage, because it was never an issue. It was  only the rarest occassions that yo would hear a girl has accidentally wet herself during her period.

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📻 'We are teaching people to sew their own sanitary towels'

Inspirational young leaders who've won an award for providing free menstrual pads.

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