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Christians & Muslims see Jesus Christ as a Messenger of God, but Israeli's don't. In fact Judaism actually considers Jesus to be a con artist. They even say that there were 12 stones hidden underwater in the river Jordan when Jesus claimed to be walking on water. That he didn't do any real miracles.
Below is a link to a video of a few quick street interviews filmed in Israel by an Israeli reporter. Some Jews are clearly very uncomfortable with the abrupt question being put to them in public and on camera, and they are obviously trying very hard to hold back on what they really think about Jesus Christ. However, one Jewish preacher moderately speaks out their true thoughts, and an Israeli woman actually declares that "Christianity is for people who lack critical thinking."
I guess another betrayal of Christians by Jews is just a matter of time. This time it will probably be of biblical end-times proportions since Israel already has nuclear war heads aimed at every world capital including the White House, though it might only happen when Christians seize to be useful to "Jews' security and economic interests". But the EU and the US should consider the matter quite seriously. Meanwhile, Israel is already having their constitution establish their nation as a purely Jewish state. Neither Islam nor Christianity will be officially recognized faiths on their territory. The birth place of Jesus Christ, the son of Mary.

Take a quick look at the street interviews & SHARE!

By Hussein Lumumba Amin
Tuesday 13/06/2017

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