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{UAH} What was Paulo Muwanga's official position in Amin's gov't?

I'm reading the late Sam Njuba's book, the " Betrayal ", he described Paulo Muwanga  as " the greatest hypocrite " he has ever come across, and he blames him for his second arrest in 1979 after the fall of Amin.

He mentioned that Muwanga declined a ministerial post under Amin but he was " one of the top officials on the mission " to handle the return of the remains of Sir Edward Muteesa. The delegation was led by Abu Mayanja Kakyama, who was then the minister of Education after his release from Luzira prison by Amin. 

Amin later appointed Muwanga an ambassador to Elyse Palace. 

So, how did Muwanga switch back to Obote and became his right hand man again? Is it possible that Muwanga had his own ambitions that partly based on playing Amin against Obote, and with him  eventually " eating" in Kavuyo?


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