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{UAH} When army captain told Museveni to “leave our women”


A meeting called by President Museveni, a day after his rebel outfit captured power in 1986, took a strange twist after a junior warned the new leaders "not to play with their wives like they have been doing in the bush."
The meeting took place at Republic House, in Mengo and its major objective was to fine tune NRM's ten point programme and to come up with a minimum recovery programme for the country.
Many people were in attendance especially members of the NRA historical command (Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, Brig Chefe Ali, Col Sserwanga Lwanga, Kahinda Otafiire etc..)
There was heated debate on a number of ideas including a proposal to vote for the NRM leader (who would become the new president) from amongst the attendees. "Since we have been fighting to restore democracy, we should be the first ones to practice it," a member argued to the discomfort of Museveni, whom many had naturally considered as their leader and the new president.
The proposal was eventually shot down and the meeting moved onto other things.
As the meeting progressed, an officer from Buganda (who is currently at the rank of captain) raised his arm with a seemingly burning issue.
"Before we go any further, I want to raise an important issue. You have been playing with our women in the bush. Let this stop now that we have captured power, we need to be with our women," the officer said before emphasizing in Luganda: "Mulekelawo okuzanyira kubakazi baffe (stop messing up with our women)."
Some of the people clapped thunderously (because the officer appeared to be speaking on their behalf). Others went silent.
While the captain did not direct this attack at any particular individual, some of the attendees thought Museveni was the target.
And from his facial expression, that is what the president felt too.
So he quickly shouted down the officer, reminding him that they had congregated to discuss serious things.
After the meeting, Museveni summoned the officer to a private meeting. What happened next we may never know.
However the officer, who was brilliant, was sidelined for years as his wife thrived as a senior government official (he was given small and demeaning tasks).
It took the pleading and intervention of Gen Salim Saleh to convince Museveni to "forgive" the officer for his past sins.
In the mid-2000s, Museveni duly forgave him and appointed him to a respectable public office.

Allaah gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him."And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if He touches you with good, then He is Able to do all things." (6:17)

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