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{UAH} Which Uganda army officer could have escaped to Tanzania?

In August 1978, a Uganda Army soldier stationed at the Uganda/Tanzania border was roughed up while on the Tanzanian side of the border where he had gone for drinks.  It is reported that he came back to the Uganda side of the border, picked his gun and headed for Tanzania where he angrily fired a number of rounds in the air to quell his anger.  
It is widely said that it is this incident that sparked off the war that six months later saw the ousting of Iddi Amin from power by Tanzanian forces.  Some other sources have suggested that some Uganda Army soldiers escaped from Simba Battalion in Mbarara and defected to Tanzania. That in the process of the Uganda Army pursuing these defectors, a clash ensued between the armies of the two countries that culminated into the war that ousted Iddi Amin in April 1979.  Whatever the case, as they say; 'History Repeats Itself' but it has not been the case for the last almost four decades.
It is alleged that around mid May 2017 a Museveni Army (UPDF) Toyota Premio registration number H4 DF 1210 (pictured) forcefully sped off from the Uganda side of the border at Mutukula into Tanzania. Before it could be intercepted, the occupants abandoned it and fled before it was handed back to the Ugandan border authorities. Upon searching the car, there was found a pair of army uniform, six ceremonial badges (whatever it means), Two Warrant Cards in the names of RA/024991 Charles Onyuth and RA/22553 Kobhsingye Rose.
Going by these Army Numbers, the two are senior non-commissioned army officers who must have joined around 1986 or 1987.  The vehicle belongs to the army headquarters and such cars are allotted to senior army officers who head departments. The Ugandan security authorities at Mutukula claimed that they had earlier got intelligence that the vehicle was heading for Mutukula and upon flashing it to stop, it simply dashed to the other side of the border.  The story doesn't add up because which robber can risk crossing the border with a car bearing Army Number plates moreover driving at breakneck speed across the frontier barriers!!!!!!!

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