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{UAH} White House blames Dems for not cooperating to repeal Obamacare!


With little to show for their much-hyped Repeal & Replace slogan, the Trump administration is now - wait for it - blaming the Democrats for not supporting the move to repeal Obamacare.

For the sake of political decency, this blame game is utter stupidity. Democrats should not be expected to participate in any initiative designed with the sole purpose of killing their signature legislation. 

For the same of the country, moreover, the White House and its enabling wing of the Senate, should be discussing any plans for their healthcare package in the open, with public hearings and all.

Instead, they have a dozen legislators holed up in some backroom, where they are told to come up with some alternative to Obamacare. 

There are some mafia organizations that operate with more transparency than this White House - GOP gang.


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