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{UAH} Why Bobi Wine will lose

If he loses tomorrow's election, it will be due to the following factors or a combination of them and others:-

1. Absence of formal structures with voting strongholds 
2. False confidence based on visual estimation of fan lovers as genuine supporters and voters
3. Electoral fraud (although it's not true that someone with formidable support can be cheated down to a loss) 
4. Party members may stick to their tethers and vote respective official candidates
5. A hodgepodge of political shades confusing the electorate about the candidate's alliances and allegiance 
6. Late arrival of voting materials 
7. Buganda factor 
8. Bad timing; he was supposed to wait till 2021 for a formal bid 
9. Wife's tribe factor 
10. Kyaddondoans don't see much to hope for in a lone cavalier 
11. Fans still need him in music field and not joining the "milking class" he has always demonised and spoken down upon. Another Kato Lubwama.
12. Bebe Cool has been revealing "damaging ink" on the man's name including that he was the one who crafted the Tubonga naawe project but when he was overpowered by those with trending hits he boycotted and joined the other side in protest. 
13. Nobody can trust voters till it's over and out! 
Personally, in the next phase of my life in elective politics, i shall have a strict code for them if they are to qualify to vote me-no dubious games and rowdiness like we usually witness and as flaunted by Aine leading to Amama's dismal failure to recover his weight.


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