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{UAH} 3 Pictures explains why the world is laughing at the USA


Edit — Via Unenergy's diary at a link to this tweet. Thanks Otteray Scribe!

Also, anyone know who this is? The only acceptable answer is someone in the Trump Administration. 


This is why the world is having a problem with the Trump Administration. This sequence at the G20 event from this Twitter feed is the Donald's inept diplomacy skills on parade. Right down to the smug look on his face when he knuckleheads even the easiest softballs of statecraft. 

Also, President Trump is handing people off to his daughter.


At this point, whoever this guy is, he does not appear to be a leader per the G20 line up of usual suspects, this guy realizes he is not dealing with serious people.


And then you find yourself talking to his daughter. Not a cabinet member or staff with the State Department. 

His daughter.

We are a laughing stock across the world….

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