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{UAH} African Debate Championship, 2017, Kampala-Uganda.

#ADC17: African Debate Championship, 2017, Kampala-Uganda.

A look at African Debate Championship co-host, Gayaza High School, a tale of beauty and brain power over the horizon.

Founded in January 1905 by the Church Missionary Society of England, Gayaza High School is the oldest girl's school in Uganda. Through the years, right from the time when girl child education was most bizarre a phenomenon, the school has set its mark, boasting of a rich culture and academic agenda that has produced some of the most formidable ladies in positions of authority, power and influence in Uganda, Africa and throughout the world.

Gayaza High School Students form the true definition of 'African beauty' just as much as they give anyone a run for their money in intellectual discourse.

We are thus pleased to have Gayaza High School as both co-hosts and participants in the African Debate Championship due on 10th/-15th/September/2017 in Kampala, Uganda.

Read more about Gayaza High School here:

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