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{UAH} AG Byaruhanga faints in London

AG Byaruhanga faints in London

Mr William Byaruhanga,

Mr William Byaruhanga 

By Monitor Reporter

KAMPALA- The Attorney General (AG), Mr William Byaruhanga, was taken ill and fainted briefly at his hotel during a recent working visit to Europe, sources have told this newspaper.
Mr Byaruhanga is said to have been taken ill earlier this month in London where he was attending meetings on behalf of government.

"He had returned to his hotel after a long day of meetings when he fainted in his hotel room as he prepared to take a bath," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "He received first aid and came to life shortly after. A doctor he saw later said it was probably a combination of jet lag, stress and exhaustion."
Mr Byaruhanga declined to comment on the matter when contacted.

No effect
The incident does not appear to have interfered in Mr Byaruhanga's working trip. Sources at the AG's chambers said Mr Byaruhanga later travelled to The Hague in The Netherlands where he represented Uganda in an on-going legal dispute with the Democratic Republic of Congo at the International Court of Justice.
Mr Byaruhanga was appointed AG in June 2016 after a long career in private legal practice and business.


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