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Bukenya: name Museveni 'father of nation' so he retires

President Museveni greets former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya

Former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya, has asked government officials and Members of Parliament who are pushing President Yoweri Museveni to stay in power, to simply give it up.

Bukenya whose political career abruptly and dramatically came to its death bed a few years ago, told Robert Nestrooy Kayongo, a political and investigative journalist at BBS television, that some opportunists in government proposed the scrapping of the age limit clause so as to make quick money from the venture.

The proposed Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 is a baby project of ruling party NRM MPs who are plotting to bring back Museveni in 2021 elections.

"After 75, certain things start getting difficult for you," Bukenya told BBS TV, explaining that the blood going to all parts of such a person's brain reduces.

"At that point, you start to lose your intelligence," Bukenya said, adding that Museveni who will be 73 years old this year, is already tired of being in the office of the president.

Bukenya appealed to Members of Parliament to think hard beyond Museveni era. "Don't just look at Museveni being here now, think about the time when he is gone."

"Leave the constitution the way it is. We have already watered it down," Bukenya said referring to the 2005 saga in which MPs received Shs5m to remove term limits and allow Museveni to pursue the life presidency.

"Those mafias in government who want money are the ones plotting for the scrapping of the constitution. They are the ones pushing Museveni to rule forever."

Bukenya suggested that Museveni be given a title as "Father Of The Nation" so he can retire peacefully.

Museveni was crowned "Father of the Nation" in 2015 and later that year awarded a medal and certificate for "transforming the country from the toxic days of instability to a vibrant state that now exports peace in the region and beyond."

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"Let him retire. He must go. No amendments, no referendum," the former VP urged.

Bukenya said in February 2015: "I advise NRM MPs to reject that proposal because it would be constitutionalising dictatorship. When a person reaches 75 years he begins to experience mental retardation (dementia)."

Later in the same year, he joined an alliance of opposition political parties dubbed: The Democratic Alliance (TDA) promising to uproot Museveni in the 2016 elections.

Former Kampala mayor, Nasser Ntege Ssebagala and former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, were part of the alliance on for Bukenya to stab them in the back and return to NRM to popularise Museveni.

Speaking to BBS TV, Bukenya asked leaders to instead focus on the people in their home villages who are suffering under the heavy burden of poverty.

"How do we help our rural poor people to survive? That's the important question," Bukenya said.

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