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{UAH} Chines Investor Cheats Death, Robbed 35m

Chines Investor Cheats Death, Robbed 35m

Police in Kampala has arrested a notorious city thug who staged a broad day light road block and strangled a Chinese investor and took away with his 35m.
The incident happened along William Street in Kampala on Friday at around midday when a Chinese investor one Fang Li Bao was heading to
Barclays bank.

It is indicated that while Bao was walking on street, one of the suspects Patrick Sseremba and his gang intercepted him and they strangled him until he lost his consciousness and they took away all the money leaving him for death.

Luke Owoyesigire the Deputy Police spokesperson for Kampala metropolitan said Seremba and his group was arrested with his group John
Katamba aka Whisper, Yanga Kikubbo, Big Yanga and Sanyu Mutooro and are detained at Central police station Kampala.

Owoyesigire added that the suspects will soon be paraded before courts of law.


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