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{UAH} Did you know?

Did you know?
• The Apostle Paul was from Tarsus in Syria

• When persecution forced the disciples of Jesus out of Jerusalem, they settled in Antioch in Syria, which became the headquarters of Christianity and where they were first called 'Christians.'

• Antioch became the base for missionaries who went out to start Churches in Asia Minor (present day Turkey) also known as Anatolia.

• The New Testament was written to Christians based in Turkey, Syria and Greece.I have been to Turkey a few years ago and was able to tour some of the historical places in the former city of Constantinople e.g Mehmet's palace, the famous Cathedral and the great mosque and museum. Splendid stuff. Indeed, Turkey is the biggest Tourist attraction in Asia next to China. It's sad that all that could go to ruins of Turkey continues with its exclusion agenda.Went to Ephesus in the auditorium where St Paul spoke. Outside of Ephesus is a small brick building which is regarded as Mary's Tomb. Tradition has it that John, brother of Jesus, brought Mary with him to Ephesus where she died.

Inside this shrine, I saw Muslims and Christians praying together. The religious conflict you find in Iraq, Pakistan and Syria today did not exist in Turkey.

• All the Seven Churches of Revelation were based in Turkey.

• Today, 98% of Turkey and 83% of Syria are Muslims, following the imposition of Islam by invading Arabs.

"When a man is stung by a bee, he doesn't set off to destroy all beehives"

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